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Multiple Teams · The Lap-a-thon: Gilmer High’s Hardest Fundraiser?



The Lap-a-thon is a fundraiser unlike any other. Rather than standing around collecting donations or selling items for profit, students must run for an hour and a half without stopping. Coming from a former cross country runner, trust me when I say it’s as fun as it sounds. Unsurprisingly, this grueling event is carried out by the GHS Cross Country team every year, with the main goal of seeing who can run the most laps consecutively in that time. Each lap ran accumulates money, and all proceeds go towards funding the team.  Both the boys and girls JV/Varsity teams participated this year. Starting at 8 am, the runners lined the track, set their watches, and didn’t stop moving until 9:30. According to girls Varsity runner Josie Sheahan, “it was a great turn out”. Although no school record was made, everyone ran their hardest. Some had an injury and a couple were sick half way through but they finished strong.”

For many of the athletes, the Lap-a-thon acts as more than just a way to raise money though. Anyone who has ever ran distance before knows that the hardest part isn’t necessarily the physical aspect, but the mental component of the sport. “I realized how emotionally and physically hard it was to run your best” Josie commented ” and to get as many laps as you can in an hour and 30 minutes.” Often times Cross Country can get overlooked in the world of sports, but events like the Lap-a-thon exhibit in full view just how much endurance and willpower an athlete needs to compete.


above: boys Varsity runner Luke Stolz

Cashing in at a whopping 49 laps, Senior Luke Stolz ran the most laps in the hour and a half time-frame. To put that into perspective, Stolz covered over 12 miles at an average pase of 5 minutes 2.5 seconds (per mile). Close behind, was Carson Masenthin with 48 laps. The ladies followed suit, varsity runner Norma Solsis knocking out 36 laps (9 miles) and Senior Josie Sheahan completing 38.  Despite how it might seem the Lap-a-thon did have it’s perks, including a free breakfast of sausage and chicken biscuits after their run. All in all, the GHS cross country team had a very successful Lap-a-thon and look forward to new and old members participating next year.


                                   Before the Lap-a-thon


                               After the Lap-a-thon

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