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Multiple Teams · Help Create A Homecoming Float For Your Class!

One of the many new and exciting changes to homecoming this year is the addition of a Homecoming Parade. This event is set to start at 6pm on Thursday, September 15th, and qualifying students will be allowed to participate within the parade. The designated route will go throughout the town square and surrounding areas. This parade was designed to help showcase GHS pride and pep up the community for the Homecoming game. No parade is complete without a float though, and that’s where we come in.

  • Freshman: ” The Future” themed float
  • Sophomores: “20’s” themed float
  • Juniors: “80’s” themed float
  • Seniors: “50’s” themed float

The construction of these floats will mostly take place during ELT, and we urge interested members of the student body to sign-up. Each class also has a set of teacher sponsors who are allowing the decoration and planning of floats during their ELT time. Interested Freshman should sign up for Mrs.Andrews (199) ELT, Sophomores for Mr.Wingard (299) , Juniors for Mrs. Kingsley (298) or Mr.Mulkey (295) and Seniors for Mrs.Hoard (138) or Mr.Logan (223). Float sketches and designs are due extremely soon, so even though the ELT sign-up time for these 2 weeks has already passed work times can be arranged if you wan’t to lend a hand (see Mrs.Kingsly room 298). ELT Float creation will continue up until a few days before the 15th.

Supplies will be provided by SGA, but the list must be approved within the next week (so if you wan’t a say in the design and what is bought then hurry!). Those who work on the float, and meet the designated requirements, will ride the float throughout the parade..Each class float will be judged by a panel, and the winner will receive points that go towards their overall homecoming score. The class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) who accumulates the most points by the end of the week will win an extravagant secret prize! 

By working, you will have the chance of participating in this school spirit activity and representing Gilmer High for the whole community to see. Homecoming is one of the biggest events that GHS host, but that’s only possible with the student bodies support.



** The Junior class has already began float construction, so while help is still appreciated the majority of the Junior float’s  design/construction is taken care of. The Freshman, sophomore, and Junior class are still very much in need of student assistance though, so get pumped for Homecoming Week and help out!