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Coed Varsity FFA · Two FFA members Awarded Thousands of Dollars in Scholarships

This summer, Gilmer High FFA members Omar Raymundo and Sarah Herendon attended a Natural Resources Conservation Workshop in Tifton, GA. This event was held at the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural college, June 12th-16th, and was available to all rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.  The main focus of this workshop centered around the “value, protection, and conservation of Georgia’s wildlife, forestry, soil, and water resources, including conservation in Georgia’s mining industry.” At the end of the workshop, students were given an extensive test to evaluate their knowledge on the subjects taught during the week; the highest scoring test takers received college scholarships up to $6,000 (over $17,000 worth of scholarships awarded in total).

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Of those scholarships administered, both of the Gilmer High FFA members were awarded for their comprehensive knowledge. Sarah Herendon received a $1,000 college scholarship from the Georgia Mining Association. A $2,000 scholarship was awarded by the ABAC Foundation to Omar Raymundo. These scholarships can be applied to any in state college for needed expenses.

Throughout the week students sat in on classes over Wildlife protection and Conservation and took notes to prepare for the scholarship exam. Along with this, the workshop also hosted an interactive career fair in which professionals from each field gave insight into Natural Resource Conservation careers. When asked about her time at ABAC, Sarah Herendon stated that ” It was a very enriching experience, both in the amount of Agricultural knowledge gained and the activities we participated in. For example, I had never shot a bow and arrow or used a gun before, but did both in just one day. For the duration of the week we lived in the ABAC dorms, commuted across the campus for each class, and ate at the official dining hall. Especially for rising seniors, it’s a great opportunity to get a more up close look into college life and time management. Both Omar and I are grateful for the friendships we made with other students all around GA, and the fact that we are now better financially equipped to pursue a higher education (regardless of whether it will be a field in Agriculture or not).”  Omar Raymundo agreed, commenting on his own personal experience ” It was amazing to see some of the many aspects of Agriculture. I really got to know other students from across the State, and I also had the amazing opportunity to earn scholarships and further my college career.”






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