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Bobcats News · Help the Ellijay Deli and support CURE For Childhood Cancer

September is designated as Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and the goal is to encourage people to support, advocate, and fight to find a cure. The Ellijay Deli and cancer survivor Abby Collins have put these words into action, but need your help! On Thursday, September 29th, proceeds from the Ellijay Deli will go towards funding the non-profit organization CURE ( The CURE organization is “dedicated to conquering pediatric cancer through research and education” and with significant decreases in federal funding are in need of aid more than ever. The reality is that childhood cancers could be cured within our lifetime, and this sort of service is a step in the right direction. Ellijay’s Deli is best know for its signature subs, made of daily baked bread, select meats, and fresh vegetables (a wide range of desserts is offered as well). We encourage everyone to visit Thursday and enjoy delicious food for a great cause!

Cancer aware

Ellijay Deli:


Location: 96 Craig Street East Ellijay, GA 30540  the same shopping Center as Remax and Radio Shack

10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.